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Supply and installation of three STS cranes and nine RTG cranes with the required equipment for the container station in Duba Port: Document price: SR10,000. D/L: 27-April 2014.

Paving works of the yards and asphalting works at the Ras Al Khair Port: Document price: SR7,000. D/L: 12-Feb. 2014.

Internal and external insulation of the strategic water reservoirs as part of the establishment of two new separate firefighting networks at the King Fahd Industrial Port Yanbu: Document price: SR5,000. D/L: 16-Feb. 2014.

Bid Extension: Establishment and operation of a  ship repair and maintenance shop in Rastanura port: Document price: SR7,000. D/L: 19-Feb. 2014.

Maintenance and cleaning service for the Yanbu Commercial Port: Document price: SR7,000. D/L: 25-Feb. 2014.

Replacement of five elevators at King Fahd Industrial Port in Jubail:

Removal of the drowned and gathered shipwreck and debris area about 17m depth between quays 21 and 49 at Jeddah Islamic Port: Document price: SR6,000. D/L: 23-March 2014.

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