Various Tenders - July 2018

By Davis Thattil | 07.29.2018
Health Affairs Directorate in the Eastern Region

Supply of specialty drugs for the Eye specialist hospital in Dhahran for 2018: Tender#: 390381030019; Document price: SR1,500; D/L: 30-July 2018.

Health Affairs Directorate in Riyadh

Catering services for the 18th group hospitals (Al Dawadmi, Al Hariq, Thailan, Sager): Tender#: 1801400130; Document price: SR5,000; D/L: 29-August 2018

Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)

Rehabilitation of fuel oil tank no. (9) at Shuaiba desalination plants: Tender#: MT-1120; Document price: SR500; D/L: 02-September 2018.

Replacement of the pipes of the second cell and the salt water heating area of 10 desalination units in Khobar 2: Tender#: KH/R/M/367; Document price: SR500; D/L: 12-August 2018.

Carryout the study to assess the life of the boilers of the third stage of the units in Khobar stations: Tender#: KH/R/M/365; Document price: SR500; D/L: 03-September 2018.

Hail Municipality Secretariat – Dept. of City projects

Completion of the construction works of the Hail Municipality building: Tender#: 019/012/0001/406079901/3111319; Document price: SR25,000; D/L: 23-September 2018.

Maintenance, irrigation and rehabilitation of gardens, parks, streets and squares in Hail city: Tender#: 19/12/001/300010500/22423; Document price: SR10,000; D/L: 05-August 2018.

King Fahad Medical Complex Dhahran (Armed Forces Medical Services)

Supply and installation of computers with accessories: Tender#: 1439/30/31; Document price: SR2,500; D/L:  05-August 2018.

Ministry of Defense - Royal Saudi Air Force - Engineering Department and Air Force Works

Maintenance and cleaning of King Abdullah Air Base in West Sector: Tender#: 25/39; Document price: SR40,000; D/L:  06-August 2018.

Maintenance and cleaning of Prince Sultan Air Base: Tender#: 24/39; Document price: SR40,000; D/L:  02-August 2018.

King Abdullah Medical City, Makkah - Contracts and Purchasing Department

Calibration of testing and measuring devices in King Abdullah Medical City and Oncology Center in Jeddah: Tender#: 2018/215-31-250; Document price: SR2,000; D/L:  31-July 2018.

Al - Jouf University - Purchasing Department 

Supply of College of Pharmacy needs (chemicals, tools and devices): Tender#: 20-39; Document price: SR5,000; D/L:  31-July 2018.

Real Estate Development Fund - Financial Management - Tenders Section

Construction of the Real Estate Development Fund branch office in Hafr Al-Batin: Tender#: 21; Document price: SR1,000; D/L:  12-August 2018.

National Information Center – Tenders and Contracts Department

Strengthening Cyber security at the Center (NIC-CS): Tender#: 19/2018; Document price: SR3,000; D/L:  29-August 2018.

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology - Tenders and Contracts Section

Development of Building Management Systems (BMS) for a number of facilities located at the headquarters of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology: Tender#: 739; Document price: SR5,000; D/L:  12-August 2018.

Ministry of Labor and Social Development (Social Development Sector) - Procurement Department

General cleaning works and operation of the headquarters of the Ministry (9) in Riyadh for a period of three years from 2019 to 2022: Tender#: 09/18; Document price: SR5,000; D/L:  02-September 2018.

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